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At the Ramagya School, it is not merely about success; it’s about preparing a student for the world, instilling willingness for learning, and a discipline that will stay with the student for life. Ranking as the top school in Noida, it is one of the education trendsetters in India due to its contemporary teaching pedagogies, smart classrooms, special sports education, and mental wellbeing programs. Its multi-dimensional approach towards the holistic development of students has received admiration from both parents and professionals.

Features And Programmes

1- Towards Academic Excellence

  • CORE (Curriculum of Ramagyian Eminence) - Early Childhood Curriculum based on Australian and Finland teaching pedagogy
  • Student centric and adaptive teaching pedagogy based on CBSE curriculum
  • Pedagogy facilitating flexi and blended learning
  • ‘No child left behind Policy’ through differential learning with ideal teacher – student ratio
  • Reflection Corner- Regulates actions, reactions and behaviour of students to promote social and emotional learning; helps in recalling and reinforcing the basic concepts

2- Experiential Learnings

  • MUN:-Educational simulation through academic activity where students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Provides a platform to students to speak, debate, and write, in addition to real time learning of critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities
  • Workshops:- Teaching hands on skills through performance rich sessions, enhancing communication skills & leadership qualities
  • Skill Development –Identification of skill gaps and developing the existing skills to enable students to achieve their goals

3- State of The Art Infrastructure

  • AC Digital Classrooms
  • Sprawling Wi-Fi campus
  • Labs- Linguistic (Language Lab), 3D, Math, Social Science, Computer, Physics, Chemistry , Biology & Virtual Reality , Robotics.
  • Robotics- helps to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills to enhance good and quick decision-making abilities
  • 2 Multi- purpose 25000 sq. ft. fully air conditioned & climate-controlled halls
  • 11 Badminton courts, 2 Squash courts & 2 Basketball courts with FIBA, BWF & WSF approved Maple wood flooring in collaborations with Global Academy of Badminton (Jwala Gutta) & NBA Basketball School

4- Learning Support

  • SCHOOLBELLQ-ERP: - Centralization and management of information for streamlining every school communication – managing good communication among all stakeholders
  • VEATIVE –- Live learning through immersive virtual reality exposure
  • STEAM – Nurturing creativity and thinking skills, empowering through potential life skills
  • Think of a Number – Abacus and Vedic Math, Enriching the retention power
  • SCHOOL CINEMA – Live studio showcasing award winning films and assignments reflective of life skills and values

5- Sports Galore

  • Kid Fit Program for Pre- Primary between the ages of 2.5 – 8 years by Sporty Beans (by Yuvraj Singh)
  • Cricket by MS Dhoni Academy ,Basketball by NBA Basketball School , Badminton by Global Academy of Badminton (Jwala Gutta), Shooting by ShootX
  • Football, Skating, Volleyball, Athletics, Swimming, Archery, Gymnastics, Handball, Golf, Snooker, Horse Riding , Kick Boxing, Yoga, Aerobics, Karate, Lawn Tennis, Squash, Taekwondo, Hockey, Throw ball, Netball, Fencing, Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Gym & Pool table by Ramagya Sports Academy
  • Diet, Fitness & Physiotherapy Programs by Ramagya Sports and Fitness

6- Mental Health

  • The Quiet Time Program-Transcendental Meditation practiced twice. Helps students and teachers to lead a balanced life and improves their readiness to learn .
  • Baal Saathee - A Student Health Benefit Program which empowers each child to live with a perfect balanced state of Mind, Body and Soul.
  • Teaching Bhagwad Geeta :- Value Based Education Through Geeta Saar, Stories from Panchatantra and their values in life.
  • Know your Brain :- an Online program designed to transform individuals into elite performers to lead in their field. Focuses on life coaching through biological, psychological and social influences

7- Health & Safety

  • Well -equipped Infirmary & medical collaborations with Multi- specialty hospitals
  • BAAL SAATHEE - Focuses on Physical, Mental and Nutritional care of Children
  • Health Line – VIVO AND ASHI – Basic life saving training and support program
  • Preparedness & Training in Disaster Management
  • AC Transport equipped with Vehicle Tracking System, GPS, Speed monitoring system, CCTV cameras, (SMS) alerts for Transport updates & Lady Security Guards
  • Extensive monitoring through latest CCTVs (24x7)

8- Internationalism Through

  • The Canadian University Application Centre (CUAC)
  • The Goethe Institute
  • University of California, Riverside
  • International Peace Youth Group (IPYG)
  • AFS Inter cultural Program
  • International Award for Young People (IAYP)
  • International Global Citizen’s Award ( IGC Award)

9- Global Career Counselling

  • Univariety
  • The Chopras
  • Study Overseas

10- Others

  • School automation for 360 degree feedback by School App for parents and students
  • Ramagya Foundation - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for (the underprivileged) through programs undertaken by Unnati Shiksha Kendra & Purusharth.


Ramagya Sports Academy

Ramagya Sports Academy was established in 2009 and within a short span of its existence it has already established itself as the Best sports academy in Noida and is ranked amongst top 10 Sports Academies in India. We have more than 25 sports under one roof. Our students who train at Academy under the guidance of professionals have won over 36000 medals and we have a privilege of having over 47000 members who have joined the Ramagya Sports Academy so far. Our students have been selected for various national and international events and have won several medals.

Transcendental Meditation at Ramagya

Ramagya has included TM practice with the curricular and this has proved to have high achievements in academics and extracurricular activities for the students. This can be related to two main factors. First, Transcendental Meditation practice reduces stress. When students are less stressed they naturally learn and behave better. Second, TM practice improves brain functioning, making the studies much easier. Here are some highlights that show the effects of TM meditation on students in different age groups.


BaalSaathee was founded in 2016, it’s a leading integrated healthcare solutions organization guided and inspired by the vision of ensuring a thriving life blended with a perfect balance and quality of life. We have opened new frontiers of hope transforming the healthcare culture with a seamless service at a fraction of cost. It’s a one stop proactive solution for the overall Physical, Mental and Nutritional Development and Well-being. Our healthcare system comes with phenomenal expertise powered by world class technology. With changing health patterns among Indians, both mental and physical.


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